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50 Lindens Round 2!!!

Sooo this will be the last blog post for today but seriously grab a notecard for Rocking Fridays and Fifty Linden Fridays from their respective groups and go to the stores they have produced some awsome. YOU HAVE A FEW MORE HOURS SO GO GO GO!!! ^.^

Don't you just love a friday where you can go shopping and end up with two beautiful swimsuits for only 50L each? I DO! ^.^

First off is the lovely swimsuit from Kyoot which I accessorised with the Rocking Friday item from Mandala!

Pose: Never mean to put you down - Porcupine Love
Hair: Roxana (mocha) - Truth
Eyes: Summer wheat (from a hunt already done) - Poetic Colors
Skin: Jewel (Cocoa) - LAQ
Bangle: Takara Bangle w/nails (rich gold) - [MANDALA]
Swimsuit: Brown Bikini Tank Set - Kyoot
The second swimsuit is from Tyranny Designs and its gorgeous now you dont have to get it in this colour you can choose what ever colour you want for 50L per colour. ^.^ YAYS!!!
I believe the best part about this swimsuit is that you get two versions for 50L! That's a great deal *goes back to get more colors*
Pose: are you there? - au soleil
Hair: Rayne (crow streaked yellow) w/pink bow - Truth
Skin:Jewel (Cocoa) - LAQ
Eyes: Cosmic Dream - Poetic Colors (freebie)
Bangles: Plastic Candy Bangles (Viiilet) - *BOOM*
Swimsuit: Summer Fling (urps & Grey) - Tyranny Designs
4hrs to go!! GET TO SHOPPING EVERYONE!! ^.^

Fifty Lindens Round 1!

So Hopefully I can kick out several blogs today with items from Rocking Fridays and Fifty Linden Fridays that show outfits developed around the items that are out for 50Ls!
The first set of items that you can get today for 50Ls are the Hair and Hat from Posh and the skin from Lelutka! This is the first time I have ventured to skin outside of Laq and I must say I was pretty impressed by it. You will recieve 4 skins from Lelutka in Dark(which is what I have on), Light, SunKissed and SunTan. Beautiful skin and definitely a must buy!

What can I say about the hair? Well let's just say Posh has accomplished what no other hair store has. This is the first time that a Hat and Hair (with the hair be sort of thin and very long) has ever looked soo good on me (>.>... I know that was braggyish). So I do believe I will be returning to Posh and looking at other hairs and you should head there too ^.^

Pose: Goofy Sarah - Belle Fille

Hair: I'm a Hipster, Fedora Hat (Midnight) - Posh

Skin: Friday Skin Pack - Lelutka

Eyes: Tragic Eyes (Light Blue) - Curio

Harnest: Addicted to Dopamine Harness (Black) - Kyoot

Top: Charm Top (White Skullieh) - Luck Inc

Undershirt: Tankdress (Black) - Luck Inc

Pants: Orange Bottom V2 (Bisque Black) - Cynful

Shoes: Bloom Boots (black) - Maitreya

It's All Make Believe isn't it?

This blog was inspired by a tattoo ("It's all make believe isn't it?") created by Chillatrix Gossipgirl. She makes amazing poses (store name: Porcupine love) and now she is showing us her talents in tattoos.

So after of I found this amazing tattoo... well more like I saw it on her flickr page but anyways I decided to finally participate in the Rockin' friday. AND THERE IT WAS! In the fifth store was a hair that was just sooo gorgeous and out of this world. A perfect fit to the tattoo. Thus began my weekend of searching for the perfect outfit, accessories and sim. HARD WORK!!! But I did it and here is the final product...

I am very pleased with it, so let's break it down now.

[Click Pictures for a clearer version]

Sim: Jaded Wings

Poses: NSA_Evangeline 2 - Summer of Love Fair

  1. Skin: Elena_ Ebony - Laq
  2. Tattoo: It's all make believe isn't it? - Porcupine Love
  3. Hair: Rockin' Friday Item_ Nara Hair Haunted - MiaMai
  4. Ears: Elf Ears Love - Urbanity
  5. Eyes: Cosmic Dream (freebie) - Poetic Colors
  6. Eyelashes: Pokerface - MiaMai
  7. Necklace: Lily Beads_pink - *BOOM* at Pookie Fleamarket
  8. Bangles: Candy Coated Bangles_grape - *BOOM* at Summer of Love Fair
  9. Ring: Flutterby Ring (Colour change) - Summer of Love Fair
  10. Bikini Top: !WG! Ultra Violet Bikini - Summer of Love Fair Exclusive Limited Ed
  11. Pant: Chrizzpy shorts_ Candylight - Cynful


Aqua Bliss

Oh my gosh! Soo you know when I look at pictures from you all on Flickr I check out what group you've add them to *yes i'm a stalker*. Soo while looking through the groups of one of my friends I found a group that had a picture from someone with this outfit! Ofcourse I had to have it! This outfit is from Fab Designs and the full outfit from the top to the skirt and socks and the jewelry are included in this outfit. An all inclusive Summer Outfit if you love it head down to Fab Designs.

Poses By Porcupine Love Found only in the ArmyOneSource Group

  1. Hair: Roxana - Truth
  2. Eyes: Tragic Eyes (Light Blue) - Curio
  3. Outfit: Fab Design (even the jewerly)
  4. Tattoo: Fab Design (upstairs)
  5. Boots: Knee high Boots - COCO

A Blog Lost amoung Pictures

So this was an outfit I created on the spur of the moment when my sister told me of this sweater from pig that was a group gift. We hunt so much for it only to find out you had to join the group and look in the notices for it. And I was getting into wearing bikinis and this bikini top in particular is one you get ONLY if you buy the fatpack from the zaara store.

Since Pig is now having a sale you can get this sweater in any of the many colors for 25L or the whole fatpack for 500L <3 I think it's a super cute sweater.

  1. Hair: Cotton (black) - TEKUTEKU
  2. Necklace: Ti'ana necklace (onyx) - Earthstones
  3. Bangles: Candy Bangles (black) - *BOOM*
  4. Sweater: Lazy Sweater (red) - Pig
  5. Bikini: Esha Bikini (Crimson) - Zaara
  6. Skirt: Ruffled Miniskirt (black) - *Linc*

Pink Bikini

I'm trying something new with my pictures so I decided to test it out on this blog post see how it looks. Anyways so my friend decided he wanted to get some new clothes so we went clothes shopping at this store called Action that he liked and ofcourse me being me I happened to find these wonderful pink striped beach shorts and sooo a new outfit was born. Then you know I discovered these crayon braclets and OMFGosh I went crazy over them! Oh and we eventutally got back on track with his shopping.

  1. Hair: Rylan 2 (Night Streaked light Pink) - Truth

  2. Skin: Jewel [Cocoa] Glow Skin - LAQ

  3. Tattoo: "Spring" - LiQSum

  4. Necklace: Ti'ana Necklace (Onyx) - EarthStones

  5. Bracelet: Crayon Bracelets (Rainbow) - Action

  6. Bikini Top: Infinity Spring Bikini Back Bow (Lt Pink) - *BOOM*

  7. Shirt: Button Down Shirt Black Open - *Linc*

  8. Shorts: Womens Boardies Zed (Pink) - Action

  9. Boots: Burlesque (Colour changeable) - Gos